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Lily's All Legs!

I wanted to post one of our ultra sound pictures from last week so here it is. I know these can be hard to see, but she's is so cute in this one! All you can see are her legs from about her belly button to her toes. (If you look near the top of the picture, you can she that she's laying horizontally, left to right.) Man oh man! We are so excited! I can barely wait until we get to meet this little gal. Jordan and I have come together on a name we like: Her name is Liliane Emma Gray. We threw around a few other names before reaching this one, and this one's the keeper.
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  1. Yay! I like the decision...Lilly is SO cute! I'm so excited for you guys!

  2. I LOVE her name and can barely wait to meet her. Everything is so perfect and I cannot wait to hold her and ...oh my, I sound like her nanna...yep an I can't wait to play with her..the loving and cherishing and all that feeling stuff is already in place so I guess I am totally ok with the next few months passing at warp speed but... when Miss Lillian arrives...I will have to find a way to make time stand still and so I can watch her every moment unfold.

  3. Hey I just realized...she really is all legs...her initials spell
    L.E.G.!!!!! cute guys!!

  4. wow, so looks like she's got Jordan's legs!! I like that name! You had some cute ones! Addy has a little friend named Lilly, so she will like it too :)

  5. Lillian...such a cute name. I like it. Glad you have this blog...I feel like I can keep in touch with the family.


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