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The Latest Crack-Up

Liliane's bedtime routine is pretty simple. Usually it's no big deal; yet here are times when she cracks me up laughing so hard that I can hardly stand it. Case in point: the other day I was trying to get her undressed so I could bathe her, and this is the result. Clothes stuck on her head, and smiles from ear to ear. I love my sweet baby!
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  1. She is adorable & hilarious :)

  2. hey girl! i emailed you, and havent received a response yet. did you get it?

  3. Man they grow up so fast. She looks so happy. Me, You, and Heidi should get together sometime.

  4. She is so cute! I love that getting her head stuck makes her happy... most babies would cry!

  5. She looks just like you in the bottom picture! Also, I called you the other day just to say hi. Also, I'd like to get together sometime soon.


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