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Liliane has been very busy growing up lately! She's now mobile with her full-on crawl. She's been getting around on her own for a few weeks now. AND she has 2 teeth! They just cut through her gums last week. She is getting to be such a little person so filled with her own unique personality! I am loving it! She'll be 8 months old on the 4th. Its weird to think that I had a hard time imagining what life would be like when she got to the crawling stage. I'm finding it to be quite enjoyable. She entertains herself more now, so I can get more done. I still have to keep a close watch because she likes to try to climb. The other day she was trying to pull herself up on the basket that hold her books and she got stuck. I couldn't help but laugh as I took this picture.

She couldn't get up or down. Poor girl. But it was so darn FUNNY!
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  1. so cute. I love seeing our girls grow together! Zoey is right in her shadow doing the same things! I'm glad she finally got her teeth in!


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