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Little Surprises

Liliane, Wesley and I were headed out the front door to go on a little walk to get the mail. In my rush to get going I almost didn't hear Liliane asking me, "Mommy! Whats that?" I looked up from our front porch and found this:
I almost jumped when I saw it because I wasn't expecting what I saw. Its a bird's nest! I was giddy when she showed it to me, and for what reason I'm not sure. It's just a bird's nest..right? I guess I can chalk it up to the fact that I find them fascinating. It amazes me how birds are able to make these humble little safe havens to lay their eggs. When I saw the nest for the first time I hurried to grab the camera so I could take a picture. We then left on our walk. On our way back from our walk, I realized that there just might be something special inside the nest...
So I grabbed a bar stool and aimed my camera above the nest, careful not to touch anything. And sure enough, there are three little eggs just waiting to hatch. I had to take this photo blind, because I couldn't stand tall enough to see through the lens and properly focus the camera on the eggs. But the little eggs are there, nonetheless. I think this little bird's nest made my day. 
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  1. How fun! We had a red headed finch try to make a nest by our front door, but the eggs (3 of them) got ransacked by some other animal :( That's life I guess....
    Last year we had swallows, and i thought it would be "cute" to have them but I was wrong. They are some MESSY birds. We still have evidence of their droppings!

    Have fun watching them grow and learn to fly. Our kids loved it....


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