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Soon To Be Ours

This little red brick house is where we will call home in a few weeks. Moving into this house will be the 7th time I've changed addresses in my married life. But, though I detest moving, I so look forward to moving here. Because this place will be ours. So bring on the bring on the housework and yardwork, the chores and the weeding, bring on the honey-do lists and home-improvements...Bring on the ownership. We're ready.
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  1. Yay! We're so excited for you!

  2. congrats!! that's so exciting. it's a cute house, too! i move around and hate it, too, but i do love decorating a new place...that's one positive!

  3. Congrats! Lokks like a great place to call home!

  4. I have mixed feelings...:( LOL! I love that you're getting such a cute house, but I will miss you!!!!


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